Barrister Services for Staffordshire and the surrounding Counties

Under Public Access members of the public can instruct Barristers directly, without the need of a Solicitor.

The potential benefits of Public Access are very significant for members of the public:

  • You can get legal advice from a Barrister without ever having to employ a Solicitor. This means that you only have to pay for one legal advisor rather than two, potentially producing significant costs saving.
  • You can instruct a Barrister for all or part of your case, this means that you do not need to pay for full representation for everything and your Barrister will be able to guide you through parts of your case which you may feel comfortable undertaking.
  • You could simply instruct the Barrister to represent you at Court hearings, should you have concerns about representing yourself and wish for your case to professionally put at any hearings.
  • You get direct, clear and simple advice.
  • The work will be carried out for a fee agreed in advance, providing you with certainty about costs.
  • Under the guidance of the Barrister, you may have to do some of the routine work that a Solicitor would normally do, but this will save you the cost of having this done and allowing you to keep more control over your own case.
  • If, for any reason, you do need a Solicitor, then your Barrister will tell you. This means you only instruct a Solicitor when it is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, the Barrister can recommend a Solicitor to you. It should be a recommendation you can trust because it comes from an expert in that area of law, with years of experience of different Solicitors in the field. Importantly, the Barrister cannot receive remuneration for his recommendation.

Barristers at Regent Chambers have extensive experience in the following areas:

Family Law (for example this includes residence/contact arrangements for children)
Divorce (financial provision/division of assets)
Landlord & Property (breach of covenant/rent claims)
Contract & Consumer Disputes (failure to provide services/faulty goods)
Employment Law (unfair dismissal/discrimination at work)
Motoring Offences (speeding/drink driving allegations)

How to instruct a Public Access Barrister

If you're interested in seeking the help of a Barrister to help with your legal problem, or just want more information about Public Access, please complete the short questionnaire below. It's free and without obligation.

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We'll get back to you, usually by the next working day and arrange a free consultation by telephone or at our offices, to assess whether Public Access is the right choice for you.

If you would prefer to speak to someone in person telephon 01782 286666 and talk to the clerking team. (Office hours are 08:30 - 17:30)

For more information, please visit the Regent Chambers website.

Members of Chambers that undertake Public Access work -

  • Grenville Jay [1975]

  • Paul Cliff [1992]

  • Kirstie Moore [1994]

  • Sophia O'Hagan [1996]

  • Anis Ali [1997]

  • Edward Palmer [2000]

  • Edmund Farrell [1971]